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Hailing from the ever greens in South Africa, rooibos is packed with countless benefits enough to make it a staple in your daily diet. Its dark amber colour is a tease to its refreshing and uplifting taste -making it a delight to your palate at any time of the day.

** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until dark amber.


You’d expect to be hit instantly with a minty note upon your first sip, only to be surprised with a mild kick of menthol and stronger notes of authentic Ceylon Green tea.

A delight for every green tea lover, with the perfect twist of mint to enliven your spirits.

** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until olive gold.


Our Pure Moringa blend is an untainted extract from the Moringa Oleifera plant and is power packed with anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, making it your all-in-one immune boosting tea fix.

Produced from organic Moringa leaves – this healthy brew imparts a pleasantly refreshing taste with its exceptionally characteristic leafy notes bursting in every corner. An instantly revitalizing cuppa that is crucial for long term health benefits.


Our blend of Chamomile is packed with antioxidants that promote good sleep and digestive health. Known for its many beneficial properties, a cup of Chamomile after a long day is perfect to give your senses the inner massage it needs to revivify.

** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until light bronze.



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