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English Breakfast

The dominating feature of this timeless blend is evident in its display of hosting deep red hues, growing from strength to strength upon immersion.

The Liquor however, tastes pleasing to the tongue leaving a prominent touch of astringency on the last note. A stronger brew accompanied by hot milk yields a more delicious combination, as is the preference of the nation it is home to. 

**Best brewed at 100° for 3-4 minutes until Light Red

**If accompanied with a dash of milk, steep for 5-6 minutes until Deep Red


Tropical Fruit

Our nation takes pride in producing some of the world’s finest tea. From lush Green hilltops to its sunkissed golden beaches, each sip of our tea promises an experience of our Island. A medium bodied yet robust liquor with a strong punch of black tea and delicate undernotes of tropical fruit.


An ideal retreat for a tea lover’s afternoon dip. Add in some cubes of ice, chops of fruit and a handful of mint to make a splendid summer’s iced tea!


** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until dark amber


Earl Grey

The strong astringency of black tea hits you upon contact with the spilling aroma of bergamot enveloping your tastebuds. Its citrusy characteristics can be discerned throughout the length of the cup while its enchanting nose effortlessly creates a rich and relaxing fragrance.

History has it that the Earl Grey blend was named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister of the 1830s who was gifted a box of tea, flavoured with bergamot oil. What sweet serendipity that this would turn out to be among the most famous blends in the world!


**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until Dark Amber


Apple Cinnamon

Once brewed, the fruity note of Apple tinged with Cinnamon- Sri Lanka’s most exotic condiment, lures your taste buds into a finer indulgence of mild bodied tea with sour and spice.

Here’s to a healthier substitute of good ol’ apple pie!


 **Best brewed at 100° for 2-3 mins until golden bronze


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