How Much Herbal Tea Can I Drink A Day?

Sometimes known as ‘tisanes’ in Europe and other parts of the world, herbal teas contain a blend or mixture of dried herbs, leaves, bark, fruits, or flowers taken from any edible non-tea plant, and often contains no caffeine. A tea is considered a “true” only if it contains tea plant leaves. The leaves of oolong, […]

How To Make A Good Tasting Cup of Tea

Did you know there are many factors to be taken into consideration to make a good tasting cup of tea? You might not have even thought about some of these before but they definitely affect the way a cup of tea tastes. For instance, the type of cup used is important. Plastic and metal cups […]

How Much Caffeine is there in English Breakfast Tea?

English breakfast tea, also known as English tea, is a blend of different black teas from various regions. It is rarely a single-origin tea and the flavor is defined by its characteristics rather than its ingredients. The common types of black tea used to make an English breakfast tea are Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, […]

Tea vs. Coffee: Some Facts you might not know

It’s a debate as old as time: Is tea better than coffee or is coffee better than tea? Both sides have argued their cases, armed with facts and stories about why one is superior to the other. Although the jury is still undecided, a lot of evidence suggests that tea has the advantage. Therefore, let […]

Why drinking tea as part of a lifestyle matters

For billions, drinking tea is more than just a beverage. It’s a way of life.  After water, tea is the world’s second most popular drink. Since 2020, 6.3 billion kilograms of tea is consumed every year and that number is only expected to grow. Let us go through some of the ways in which tea is a part […]