Our History

Founded in the early 1900’s by the Bristish Planters in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) who were the pioneers of Ceylon Tea, We carry the same flagship teas for more than 110 years.


The British set out to planting tea in our Tea garden which is in close proximity to the very first tea plantation in Sri Lanka, we have been able to maintain the same lushful tea plantations over a century.


The Tea Manufacturing Factory simultaneously setup by the British remains as one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the region.


The packing Facility where the teas are value added is located close to the shipping port in the country’s capital Colombo.

With a strong Supply Chain and state of the art facilities, we thrive to offer our customers a unique TEA EXPERIENCE. The committed management has immense experience in tea plantations, tea Manufacturing, Branding and Marketing. The company presently markets its own brands in a number of countries while developing and packing of private labels to suit individual company requirements.

McCoy Teas is synonymous with quality and creative packaging. The company meets its customer expectations by incorporating a pure, unparalleled collection of natural tea with superior taste and elegantly designed packaging. The product range created by McCoy Teas varies from authentic finest Ceylon Black teas, Green teas, Flavoured teas to New Innovations packed in Value Added forms according to the highest standards.

Packing Facility

The availability of in-house state of the art fully automated Tea Bagging and packing machinery serves to enhance the value addition to customers. McCoy sources only the finest, tastiest ingredients, dealing directly with producers all over the world. McCoy has some of the most experienced tea blenders, formulators and tasters in the industry to deliver truly delicious, sustainable, yet economical solutions. McCoy Teas in-house designers and product development team is fully geared to cater to its own brand as well as private labels product development needs. McCoy is capable of presenting new products at short notice, to suit customer requirements and always ensure that products meet the current market trends.

Our laboratory and the tea tasting facility is geared to test the composition of the teas and to ensure superior quality and consistency of products. Teas are blended, flavoured and packed with the use of modern automated machinery whilst maintaining high level of hygiene. Products are made mostly using recyclable and environmental friendly material.

McCoy Ceylon Commodities has obtained several international quality certifications including ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to make its products more acceptable and competitive in the current market environment.

Tea Factory

The Tea Factory setup by the British in the Early 1900’s is located 2700ft above sea level in a breathtaking beautiful landscape surrounded by serene green gardens of tea in Kandy. We manufacture upto 30,000 kgs of Tea leaves daily with the same commitment and passion to achieve our standards. We been producing some of the most uniquely delicious single origin teas over a century that is most sought after by the tea tasters. We were awarded the Best Tea Factory in the Mid Country for our practices. The handpicked selection of tea, coming from our very own plantations is processed with absolute care and scrutiny in an effort to give you the finest in variety, colour, flavor and aroma.

Tea Plantations

The Tea plant is no stranger to our work force as we have lived side by side for over three generations. Our Tea Plantations are located in close proximity to the very first tea plantation in (Ceylon) Sri Lanka making it a pioneer in tea plantation. The qualities of the finished tea are profoundly influenced by its climate and soil conditions. Our expertise in growing and replanting over the years has been professionally addressed under the guidance of the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka. We have been awarded for the Best tea Plantation in the mid Country.

The selected Tea is handpicked and transported to the Tea Factory for processing a perfect cup of tea.